How Our Boxer Made

Arrival of Our Quality Materials

BOXO’s factory is located in Malaysia and it is manufacturing for many other well-known international brands. Our founders, Alvin & Billy, regularly spend time there monitoring the craftsmanship and quality control of our products, and getting new ideas for incoming products and designs.

Colouring Base and Cutting

During the early stages of production, the fabrics are sent to our partner’s factory to process the base colour printing before being cut into the shapes required for each part and then thoroughly checked for imperfections.

Sewing & Printing

After the base coloring and cutting of the fabrics are done, they are passed on to a dedicated and talented team who is responsible for the assembly and printing of the garments.

They will print the desired designs on the garments before if proceeding to the sewing process.
The entire process is 100% handmade and without any machinery involved.

Sanitising and Hygiene care

The fabrics undergo an intensive sanitising process at this stage of production to make sure our products are all in safe and clean condition while still maintaining a superior level of comfort. The treated products are then sent for a thorough quality inspection before being sealed directly into a zip lock bag.

Quality Check & Inspection

Quality control inspectors thoroughly inspect each product for manufacturing defects or signs of stress. After a series of thorough checks, the products are then be sent to the store awaiting their new owner.

Packaging & Delivery

There will be another dedicated team of workers here that are responsible for assembling the beautiful packaging we have designed for every BOXO’s product. Each product is tagged and packaged and arranged on the shelves of our warehouse before being labeled with your address, and then sent to the delivery company to be dropped off at your doorstep.
Our warehouse have a weekly cleaning and pest control services scheduled to ensure that all our stored items are always in the perfect condition.

Receiving the Final Product

At the end of the day, we just hope that you will love your BOXO ‘s products as much as we do. We spent 100% of our effort ,tirelessly researching, perfecting and implementing the best cutting and material to suit local needs with the unisex tag. The end-result - a product that surpasses our expectations of quality, and we hope you will feel the same.

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